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Child Custody

Affordable Family Law Center focuses on the child(ren) involved in a divorce. If you’re facing a child custody battle, put a skilled Washington law firm on your side.

Divorce / Legal Separation

Even if you and your partner have mutually agreed on filing for divorce, it is still a very difficult process. Affordable Family Law Center can help.

Child Support

When one or more children are involved, both partners are responsible for child support regardless of who has custody and where the child lives.

Intimate Committed Relationship

You may meet the criteria for what Washington state recognizes as an intimate committed relationship (formerly known as a meretricious relationship).

Equitable Division of Property

This applies if you and your significant other are not married but have purchased different types of property (house, cars, etc.) together.

Parenting Plans / Relocation

When it may beneficial for a parent to relocate, challenges can arise when a new parenting plan will have to be drawn up to make visitation practical.

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Affordable Family Law Center has been servicing Clark County, Washington since 2003.

We are dedicated to offering our clients quality care, aggressive representation, and seeking resolution to the challenges presented to our clients in and outside of the court room. Additionally, we are hyperaware of the extreme costs of family law issues in many situations and as such, we offer a flat fee system that is customizable to your needs in many circumstances – making it easier for you to have an attorney help protect your rights. Our flat fee system applies to: agreed or amicable divorces; temporary orders for parenting plans, child support, maintenance, settlement conference, and trials. You should never have to abandon the rights of your children and yourself because a price tag to legal representation is unreasonably high.

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